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The Biggest Myth in Selling a Home

In my experience, the most frequently asked question by a seller when he/she interviews an agent for a listing is, “How do you plan on marketing my home?”   Most people believe that the single-most important part of selling a home is market exposure.  Real estate professionals believe in this myth too!  Just go ahead and interview a few real estate professionals to list your home and you’ll notice how they focus a majority of their listing presentation around market exposure.  They’ll try to impress you with all of the wonderful websites that they use and proudly display a few fliers that they’ve made for their previous clients! The more “advanced” agents may even commit to holding a few open houses for you and buying expensive ad space in a local newspaper or Internet site just for your listing!

Most of these agents are sincere, they really do believe that all of this market exposure will be the greatest benefit to their client. However, if you ask a seasoned agent, one who is willing to tell you the truth, you’ll find out that 90% of the marketing is done for the ego of the client and is a smokescreen to what is really important in the home selling process.

Selling is a Process

Selling a home is not one-dimensional.  It cannot be boiled down to just market exposure.  In fact, market exposure, is just one of several factors that will determine if you sell your house for the maximum amount, in the shortest time possible and have the greatest chance of closing.  The Mars Hill Selling System is a process that considers every variable that can have a positive influence on your sales price, time on market and closing rate.  The Mars Hill Selling System consists of six vital steps (M3TNT):


1.  Market Intelligence

2.  Market Preparation

3.  Market Positioning

4.  Traffic Generation

5.  Negotiation Expertise

6.  Team Execution


Stefan McFarland

Happy Seller serving in the US Army

“Excellent performance by Mars Hill Realty throughout the selling process that continually exceeded our expectations. Their efforts in generating “buzz” through their contacts and inside knowledge resulted in us receiving our full asking price after only six days on the market. This was after our first offer at 48 hours, an average of two to four showings per day, and succeeded by a back-up offer for even more than our asking price. Their sound advice at each critical juncture resulted in our house selling for the highest amount per square foot since 2006, and the second highest amount in the past sixteen years of MLS records for our neighborhood. If you are considering selling it yourself like we were – don’t. We made more money selling with them, even after their commission, than we would have on our own.”


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