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New Life Christian Church – Church in Chantilly, Virginia

14550 Lee Road,

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Have you ever noticed that church buildings are really busy on Sunday?

Surprise, surprise right?

Well, typically they’re not as busy on every other day of the week, except this church:  New Life Christian Church

We visited this church in early August of 2013 and I was impressed by how purposeful they are about reaching and providing value to the community that they are in.  Rather then build another church building that rarely gets used during the week, they asked the city what was needed and built that instead!  So that’s why this church isn’t your typical church building, it’s actually an indoor gym that’s used during the week by the community and members.  They have a fitness center, equipment rentals and classes/programs for all age levels.

As for the kid’s program, what kid wouldn’t have fun in an indoor gym?  Our three kids loved running around and being active in this church.  It helped to make the learning

nZone_Logo_105x75My wife, Autumn, and I went when the Senior pastor was not there, but we really enjoyed the sermon.  Naturally, it was about reaching out to others and being available to serve.  This church practices what it preaches!  We enjoyed the worship too, and afterwards talked to a few leaders and found out they have a real heart for church planting and empowering individuals and church planters.  I think we’ll definitely be back to this one to visit.environment fun and engaging and actually encouraged them to want to come back.  How many times has your elementary age child asked you to come back to church?  I’ll admit, the snacks help.

If you want to check out a great, fun church in Chantilly, Virginia, service times are 8am, 9:30am and 11am.  They also have a church in Haymarket and meet at the Battlefield High School.  Let me know if you go and I’ll tag along!

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  • Address: 14550 Lee Road
  • City:
  • County: Fairfax
  • State: Virginia
  • Zip: 20151
  • Country: United States

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