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Great American Restaurants Part 1 – Sweetwater Tavern

14250 Sweetwater Lane,

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Sweetwater Tavern is located just a few blocks from where we live in Centreville.  This restaurant is a part of the Great American Restaurants chain that has restaurants all throughout the Northern Virginia and Maryland area.  We came here to celebrate Autumn’s birthday, but were here once before.

When you first get to the restaurant you’ll see that they have capitalized on the “star” motif of Texas to give their western theme a bit more street credibility.  They do a great job with the interior and when you walk in, there is a large bar in the center of the restaurant and soaring ceilings and wood beams.  If you like beer, Sweetwater Tavern would keep your sampling days quite busy.

We’re more of a margarita family and so we ordered the same one as last time, Prickly Pear Frozen Margarita, and it was delicious and in a generous enough portion to share if you wanted to.  My wife ordered one of their specials, Rock Fish, and it was okay, but a little on the meaty side.  I ordered the drunken ribeye and it had some good char on it and flavorful.  It was more on the medium side of “medium-rare” and I asked it to be more on the rare side, but I was too hungry to be picky about it.  It wasn’t a Ruths Chris steak, but that would also probably cost double what you pay here.  My kids have the appetite of a rabbit and after filling up on the bread, one $5 chicken finger meal is all it takes to top them off.

So, let’s talk about their bread.  It comes from their own bakery, Best Buns Bread Company, and isn’t your typical basket with one boring type of bread.  You get an assortment of 3-4 different types of bread and the little round circle ones are good enough to pass for a donut if you sprinkle some sugar on them.  Hmmm, maybe that’s why the kids like it here so much!

I was a little disappointed that the waiter didn’t comp a free dessert for us since he knew it was my wife’s birthday.  That seems to be the nice thing to do these days for restaurants like these.  When I say “like these” I mean that you can tell these restaurants value good service and the staff seem to be very professional and courteous every time I go to one of the Great American Restaurants.

In the area for your next home and want to get drunk on Ribeye?  Give me a call and let’s check this place out.  There are plenty of other dishes I’d like to try!

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  • Address: 14250 Sweetwater Lane
  • City:
  • County: Fairfax
  • State: VA
  • Zip: 20121
  • Country: United States

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