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China Garden – Chinese Restaurant in Rosslyn, VA

1100 Wilson Blvd,

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To celebrate Autumn’s Birthday, my parents wanted to take us all out to eat at China Garden in Rosslyn, Virginia

DSC05987Rosslyn is only 30 minutes from Centreville, as long as you don’t get lost in Rosslyn’s tricky network of roads…like us.  If you’re a newbie in the area, it’s important to start with the basics:  How to get to the restaurant

This is not your small town, park-in-front-of-the-restaurant, type of scenario.  When you first see the restaurant, you have to pull into the parking garage, around the corner on the same block.  Once inside the parking garage, the confusion starts.  You’ll see signs for the restaurant, but I’m not sure what they’re there for.  It’s not like some parkings spots are closer to the restaurant entrance than others.  There is just one elevator area and so the best thing to do is find parking at the highest level possible and not follow the signs to the bottom of the parking garage…like us.  There is even parking for hybrid vehicles, which I’ll have to take advantage of next time.

When we got into the elevator, we had no idea where the restaurant level was and a directory would have been helpful.  Make sure you go to level M and you can skip walking around the building to get to the front entrance and taking the escalator up….like us.

By now, I’ve built up quite a hunger so this restaurant better have some good chow!  The owner’s knew my parents and it was nice of them to reserve a private eating area in the

Chicken Dish

Chicken Dish

restaurant, although the restaurant was fairly empty when we arrived around 6pm on a Sunday night.  We ordered a lobster salad that tasted very fresh and you could order with 1, 2, or 3 lobsters in it.  We opted for two, and it was plenty for the 5 adults that shared it.  The salad had iceberg lettuce, lobster meat (ofcourse), and some fruit and other stuff in it.  We also ordered some pretty standard chinese dishes:  Chicken with crispy skin and Chinese <<gai lan>> broccoli.  My parents ordered a noodle dish, a Chinese tradition when celebrating a birthday to symbolize long life.  However, I felt the noodles were a little overcooked and on the squishy side, so I’m not sure what that symbolizes.

My parents ordered a frog leg dish which I wasn’t too crazy about and one of my favorite fish dishes:  Chilean Sea Bass. Definitely a must-try dish if you haven’t before.  Lastly, we had a beef dish, it was a little on the small portion size, but it was a hit with the kids.  It had a good sweet taste and crispy texture to it.  I’d order that one again too!  My favorite dishes were probably the beef dish, the sea bass and the Chinese broccoli.  For dessert the restaurant gave us some sweet red bean soup on the house.  For 6 adults and 5 kids, total bill was about $200 including tip, tax and a 20% discount.  I can’t guarantee they’ll give you a discount when you go, but I can guarantee they’ll validate your parking ticket!

Check out the photos of the food in the slideshow.  If they’re blurry, it was because I was shaking with hunger after trying to find the darn restaurant!

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  • Address: 1100 Wilson Blvd
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  • Zip: 22209
  • Country: United States

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