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Market Positioning

In a perfect world, your home will be the only one of it’s kind and in it’s price range.  However, whether your home is in a condo community with many like it, or it’s a unique custom home, communicating the unique selling features of your home is the main goal for Market Positioning.

*Wide-angle Photography – The first impression that a potential buyer will have of your home is no longer the “curb appeal.”  They will probably see it on the Internet well before they drive up to the home.  If your real estate agent isn’t portraying your home with enough photos, or photos that don’t showcase the space properly, they could be jeopardizing a potential home showing!  Wide-angle photography is best suited for interior shots, and exposure and other details must be accounted for to properly position your home in today’s market.

*Emotionally engaging copy – Copywriting is a marketing skill that has made millions of dollars for those who spend the time to learn it.  However, traditional real estate copywriting is ineffective, boring and only focuses on features that every other home has:  “Tall ceilings, 4000 sf of open living area and a chef’s kitchen” does nothing to whet the appetite of a buyer looking to buy on emotion.  Good marketing copy doesn’t just stop at the details, but goes on to describe the lifestyle benefits of those details.  Don’t just let your agent tell buyer’s about the chef’s kitchen, make them tell a story about how fun the next pizza making party will be when you roll out the dough on the Italian marble countertops and get a perfectly baked NY-style crust, in half the time, in your dual convection ovens.  Get the point?

*Here are some examples of our previous listings that incorporate wide-angle photography and emotionally engaging copy:

  • 2805 Radius
  • 2274 Cocquina
  • 5817 Falkland
  • Showing Experience –  The main goal of properly positioning the home on the Internet is to generate a home showing so that the home can sell itself.  However, if you neglect creating a positive showing experience, your efforts will be in vain.  Having a home that is pre-inspected, and follows our proprietary “5 Senses Guidelines” is key to having a showing experience that positions your home apart from the competition.

    Now that your home is ready for showings, it’s time to focus on our next step of Traffic Generation.